Organosilicone Adjuvant G-408

Grades: Industrial
Form: Liquid
Category: Products, Surfactants
Market Tags: Agriculture, HI&I, Personal Care
Packing: Drums, Isotanks,IBC totes

Gravitas G-408 Organosilicone Adjuvant is a nonionic modified polyether trisiloxane surfactant.

It reduces the surface tension of the liquid, reduces the contact angle between the liquid surface and the interface, promotes the surface expansion speed of water-based fluids and expands the expansion area.

G-408 can promote the absorption of a chemical solution by the stomata of  leaves, and has super strong adhesion at the same time, so the chemical solution is resistant to rain erosion.  This reduces waste of the chemical solution and pollution to the environment.


SDS G-408 Organosilicone Adjuvant

G-408 TDS


G408 label

Minimum orders are typically one drum for liquid materials and pallets for materials that ship in bags. Availability varies. Please call for details.