The team at Gravitas Chemical can tailor a logistics solution for almost any chemical raw material requirement. Our products are generally either liquid or solid form.  Depending on the product they may be available in drums, IBC totes, bags, super-sacks or liquid bulk.

Gravitas Chemical provides samples for qualified commercial opportunities.  We do not generally provide laboratory quantities of chemicals other than for qualification as part of a commercial opportunity.  To request a sample, please call us at 360.610.7718 or

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Domestic Drop-Shipments

From the producer to your door.

Import Drop-Shipments

No hassle imports. We take care of all the paperwork, logistics and communication with overseas producers, custom brokers, foreign and domestic regulators, international and domestic logistics providers. You receive low cost, high quality raw materials delivered on time with an easy to understand delivered price.

Local warehousing

We utilize third party warehouses which allows us to strategically position product close to your production site. We currently work with warehouses in NJ, GA, SC, NC, TX, OH, IL, WA, OR, CA, and TN. You can pull from our common inventory, or place blanket orders to assure that product is in stock and assigned to your account so it’s always available when you need it.

Local freight

Gravitas Chemical works with our network of third-party logistics providers to offer all manner of local freight including rail, liquid tank truck, full-truckload and less-than-truckload. In certain cases, customers can pick up from our warehouses or direct from the producer if they prefer to handle the freight. We provide expertise and flexibility to help make your job easy.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Gravitas Chemical can provide a comprehensive overview of the market players and conditions for specific products. We offer this as part of our standard service for commercial opportunities or as a standalone product. Please call today to discuss.


Gravitas Chemical can help customers find and qualify new raw material producers and build custom supply chains to help businesses remain competitive in the constantly changing global landscape.


Sometimes boring supply chains become interesting in a hurry due to force majeure, political and regulatory changes or other factors that impact supply and demand. When this happens, time is of the essence. Gravitas Chemical stands ready to respond immediately utilizing our global network of producers, distributors and traders to keep you in production when others may not be able to get the raw materials they need. Times of crisis are an opportunity for us to build our reputation by providing fair pricing for quality products and services at a time when other market players may price gouge or drop the ball.